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Located in Huxley Close at Newnham Industrial Estate, Plympton, Surepass is the only school in the area with its own dedicated training area. This means no shared car parks or training around cones with vehicles driving through on an industrial estate!  Making training at Surepass not only an enjoyable experience but  the safest possible too.

Surepass students enjoy comfortable surroundings. The premises also houses a refreshment area with a vending machine. 

With credit/debit card facilities,Surepass students never need to worry about how to pay for their training, and we won't "send you to the cash machine" if you are paying on the day of training.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Brake trainingThe Surepass team are continually "putting back" into the business and because of this Surepass students are now riding a newer fleet of motorcycles, they are using the latest in bike-to-bike radio communications and all the safety equipment is regularly replaced. Would you choose to train on the latest bikes or 10+ years old?

Together with the very patient and experienced (uniformed) instructors Surepass has gained a fantastic reputation as a professional, modern company and Surepass students know that they will not only use the best bikes and equipment when training but they will also get the highest standard of training. It's this attention to detail that helps us maintain our extremely high pass rate.

Surepass standards are so high that the training school was chosen by Suzuki as a "Suzuki selected training school" and is also the regions Ducati Rider Training centre.

With over 25 Surepass years under our belt we are immensely proud of all we and our fabulous team have already achieved but we haven't finished yet.  Just watch this space!

Hope to see you soon and remember to ride safely.

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