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DSA - Driving Standards Agency

Surepass is an Approved Driving Standards Agency Training school. The DSA recognise the high standards and professional attitude in place at Surepass. Surepass and the Instructors are regularly assessed by the DSA. Regular assessment keeps the training methods used at Surepass up to date and in line with current legislation.


NABD - National Association of Bikers with Disabilities

Surepass has trained over the years many students with various disabilities. Surepass became a NABD member to help make motorcyclists with disabilities aware that there is help out there. The main point of the NABD is to help adapt motorcycles, trikes and sidecar outfits so that they can be ridden by people with disabilities.


BMF - British Motorcycle Federation

Surepass has been affiliated to the BMF for the past two years. With over 140,000 members the BMF is Britain's largest most influential rider group. The BMF aim is simple - to promote and protect the interests of the road rider by representing the riders' interests, where and when it matters. All Surepass students qualify for free affiliated membership to the BMF which entitles them to a long list of benefits.


RoSPA - Royal Society Prevention of Accidents (Advanced Motorcycle Test)

The RoSPA advanced riding test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging course available to the public. A RoSPA Gold is the highest civilian riding standard available and the holder will be a master of his or her art. Most of the Surepass instructors already hold a RoSPA gold qualification and the additional instructors are currently undergoing the process. The Surepass Chief Instructor obtained the gold award on his first test and is now in possession of a RoSPA B-tec qualification in Advanced Defensive Riding.


NAAMI - National Association of Advanced Motorcycle Instructors

The principal aims of the National Association of Advanced Motorcycle Instructors (NAAMI) are to promote and maintain high and consistent standards of advanced motorcycle instruction and generally to promote an increased awareness of the safety and other benefits of advanced motorcycle training. The Association maintains a register of members whose membership is conditional on the possession of appropriate qualifications in advanced motorcycle instruction, and adherence to a code of professional conduct.

Blue Ribband

The BMF better biking Blue Riband Rider Award

The Blue Riband Rider Award is achieved by a rider who has displayed safe, systematic and smooth riding to an advanced level. Beyond the Advanced Rider award is the BMF Advanced Examiner qualification. This qualification is obtained by a rider who is able to display the highest standard in both advanced riding and instruction. Due to his excellent advanced riding and instructor skills, Surepass Chief Instructor Kenny is both a Blue Riband Instructor and Examiner.


IAM - Institute of Advanced Motorists

The aims and objectives of the IAM are very simple:- to improve the standard of riding (and driving) on UK roads, to advance road safety and the administration of an advanced test. The IAM's badge and certificate confirm the high standards which have been achieved and must be maintained. These high standards have been obtained by Surepass Instructors.


DIAmond Advanced Motorcyclist

The purpose of the DIAmond Advanced motorcycle test is to ensure that candidates are able to demonstrate to the examiner their ability to ride safely in a variety of road and traffic conditions and to manoeuvre their machine accurately under control and with proper regard for the safety of other road users. Beyond the DIAmond Advanced test is the DIAmond Special Test which allows just 2 minor faults in an advanced ride lasting approximately 1.5 hours. Our Chief Instructor passed this Special test with no minor marks and went on to qualify as a DIAmond Examiner.



Founded in 1978 to represent the interests of the professional driving/riding instructor, the DIA is regularly consulted by all the relevant Government bodies, has representation in Parliament, and enjoys influence in Europe and throughout the world. With ever-more stringent road legislation, European safety regulations, and stricter controls on training, it is essential the views of the driver training industry are heard at Government level.

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