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Instructor Training

So you want to be a CBT or DAS Instructor or own and manage your own training school.  Well first you have to pass the Cardington 2 day assessment. That starts right here!

What do I need to be an Instructor?

Motorcycle Instructors are regulated by the DVSA (Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency). To apply to take the 2 day assessment at the centre in Cardington, Bedfordshire they have 3 criteria:

  1. Full UK motorcycle licence for at least 3 years
  2. Relatively clean licence
  3. Be a 'fit and proper person'

A few points on your licence for a minor offence should not affect you.  The 'fit and proper' is jargon for a clean police record, after all, you are dealing with people and in a position of trust.  You must be resilient, patient and be able to communicate in a calm and effective manner.  You must be a competent and safe rider and know the rules of the road...your ability to ride like Valentino Rossi is not tested!

Are there different types of instructor?

Down Trained

This is where a Cardington assessed instructor trains a person to teach CBT and road riding up to 125cc.  He must work for an Authorised Training Body (ATB) who can then apply for your licence. You do not sit a test or assessment as it is the ATB instructor that is certifying that you are trained.

Cardington Assessed

These instructors have passed a 2 day assessment at Cardington.  The assessors are all DSA motorcycle examiners and give nothing away over the 2 day course.  This is a coveted qualification as you can then run and manage your own school and down train other instructors.  It is also the stepping stone to being a Direct Access instructor.

Direct Access (DAS)

This is an upgrade to instruct students on larger machines.  It is a half day assessment back at Cardington.  There are scenarios to learn and practice for this test.

Why Choose Surepass?

Your instructor Kenny who is the Surepass Chief Instructor is a very experienced instructor in both basic and advanced training.  His daily role involves both training and assessing, using systems closely linked to those at Cardington.  He is also a very skilled and experienced rider having obtained every advanced motorcycle qualification in the country.

The Surepass course is intense and does not waste time.  It's duration of 6 days for the CBT course is more than adequate.  Of course we could take longer and then charge more, but we don't!  As our course only runs for 6 days any additional costs such as accommodation and food are also reduced.  We restrict the number of students to 2 per course.  This gives a small enough ratio for your instructor to give time to each student.

We can also cater for those already Down trained.  Finally we offer the DAS upgrade course. It lasts just two days and is discounted if you've already trained with us*.  Our aim and intention is that you leave us able to carry out a full CBT with the knowledge that you are using the correct methods.  You will also be in no doubt of what is expected of you at Cardington and how to pass the 2 day assessment!

Prices and Courses

Cardington Assessed CBT - £850
Supervisor - £350
Down Trained - £650
DAS Instructor - £350/250*


Course Dates

Please call for availability on 01752 301313 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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