Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully before booking a course with us.

Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: [27/05/2024]

Please take time to read this important information.


1. General Use

By accessing and using our website and booking system, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. You must be at least 16 years old to make a booking.

2. Training and Testing

Training and testing at Surepass Rider Training are subject to the terms and conditions herein and in any publicity material or correspondence as issued by Surepass Rider Training.

All students booking and completing a motorcycle course at Surepass (with the exception of the free trial lesson) must hold a UK driving licence, provisional or full, with valid provisional motorcycle entitlement (Category A - Motorcycle and/or Category P - Moped). It is the student's responsibility to ensure they hold the correct licence and subsequent categories.

On each day of training, all Surepass students will be required to provide and show all necessary documents to the Surepass Instructor. Required documents are:

  • Driving Licence - showing the current residential address.
  • CBT certificate - must be valid (if completing full licence course)
  • Motorcycle Theory certificate - must be valid (if completing full licence course)
  • Proof of insurance (if using students own vehicle)
  • Valid MOT certificate (if required)
  • V5 (owners logbook) or letter from registered owner allowing the use of a vehicle for training (user must have valid insurance for the vehicle)

3. Failure to Produce Documents

If the student fails to produce any of the required documents for a CBT course then training cannot commence. No refund can be issued. The student is also liable for any outstanding balance.

If a student commencing a full licence course does not produce his/her documents on the first day they will be able to return at mid-day, with correct documents and rejoin the course. No refund will be given for the half a day lost.

Any student failing to produce the required documentation to the DVSA examiner on his/her practical test will have the test terminated by the DVSA and the test fee shall be lost.

4. Injuries and Accidents

The student understands that motorcycle training can occasionally be hazardous and agrees to undergo any training of their own free will.

The student accepts responsibility for their own actions during the training and any possible injury caused to them during their motorcycle training.

The student understands that there are no "dual controls" on motorcycles and therefore accidents that occur are the sole responsibility of that student. Surepass is not liable for any injury sustained.

Any student that sustains an injury during their training will have the training stopped. Surepass recommends in all cases that injuries are checked by a medical professional within a reasonable time frame.

Any student that sustains an injury that prevents them from continuing the training will forfeit the remainder of the course and any subsequent fee or/and test. Continuation or replacement training is at the discretion of Surepass.

Surepass reserves the right to terminate training in the event of any student riding in a dangerous or negligent manner. Any student seen misusing Surepass vehicles or equipment will have his/her training terminated. No refund will be issued.

Any student that damages a Surepass vehicle, rendering the vehicle unusable, will have the day's training terminated and any subsequent test fees lost. No refund will be given for the day's training. Any future training will be chargeable and at normal rates.

5. Bookings

For all full licence training courses, a booking deposit of £250.50 applies, for CBTs payment in full is taken at the time of booking. This includes the required practical test fees (if applicable). Upon commencement of all training courses, the additional balance must be paid at the start of the first day of training.

Payment can be made to Surepass by either Debit/Credit card or cash. Surepass does not accept cheques.

At the time of booking a deposit is taken for all courses, this is non-refundable subject to the Chief Instructor's discretion. Surepass reserves the right to cancel, amend or rearrange the date and time of training (giving reasonable notice where possible) and without unreasonable delay.

6. Courses (Packages)

Students opting for a Surepass Training Package understand that a package price may not be discounted from the normal daily rate for training.

The full cost of the course must be paid for on day one of the course, minus any deposits already paid.

The entire course must be booked in its entirety to obtain the package course rate – otherwise, the normal daily rate applies.

Usual booking and cancellation terms apply to a package course.

Once a package course has commenced no refund can be issued for training days/test fee not used.

All package courses must be completed within 3 months from the first date of the course. Training days and/or test fees may not be carried over past the 3 month period without prior written consent from the Surepass Chief Instructor. Without written consent all training days and/or test fee, past the 3 month period and not yet utilised will be forfeited.

7. DVSA Practical Motorcycle Tests

Both A1/A2 (restricted) and direct access licenses are gained through a two-part practical test (module one and module two). It is a requirement of the DVSA that module one is passed before module two is attempted.

If module one is failed, three clear working days are required before a further module one attempt.

If module two is failed, ten clear working days are required before a further module two attempt.

If a module 1 and module two have been booked by the student and both tests are close together, and the student then fails module one leaving the student unable to take module two, the student is not automatically entitled to cancel his/her training (and subsequent module two) at Surepass if the Surepass (and DVSA) cancellation requirements have not been met.

If the student requires further training for a re-test of either module one or module two usual training fees apply. Please see cancellations for conditions applying to this situation. Surepass is unable to alter or affect the terms and conditions of the DVSA.

8. Instructors

All our instructors are regularly tested and certified by the DVSA. Our instructors hold valid training certification (valid for four years). All instructors are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked.

9. Clothing

Surepass is able to provide students with a helmet, jacket and gloves for all motorcycle training, all students are recommended to wear thick denim trousers, or motorcycle trousers and sturdy footwear, such as motorcycle boots or walking boots.

Any student arriving for training not wearing suitable clothing will not be allowed to commence training. No refund of training will be issued.

All motorcycle clothing provided by Surepass is for the duration of the training course. Surepass is unable to lend clothing to students for private use.

10. Additional Training

Should a student require additional training, this can be booked subject to the Surepass instructors and vehicle availability.

A charge of £45 per hour or £170 per day applies for any additional motorcycle training (inclusive of VAT). Additional days training is a minimum of 5 hours on a 1:1 training basis.

The above terms and conditions apply to any additional training sessions.

11. Height Restrictions

There are no specific height restrictions for motorcycle training; however, students must be able to sit on the motorcycle and reach the ground with both feet for safety reasons. If a student has concerns about height and suitability for the motorcycle, they should contact Surepass prior to booking.

12. Eyesight

All students must meet the minimum eyesight requirements as set out by the DVSA. This includes being able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters (67 feet) with or without corrective lenses. If a student fails the eyesight test, training will be terminated, and no refund will be given.

13. Alcohol and Drugs

Any student suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will have their training terminated immediately. No refund will be issued, and any further training will be at the discretion of Surepass.

14. Abusive Behaviour

Surepass has a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive or aggressive behavior towards staff or other students. Any student displaying such behavior will have their training terminated immediately with no refund.

15. Adverse Weather

Training will go ahead in most weather conditions; however, Surepass reserves the right to cancel or reschedule training in extreme weather conditions for safety reasons. If training is canceled due to adverse weather, an alternative date will be arranged.

16. Cancellations

CBT course cancellations and charges: CBT courses must be cancelled either in person or by telephone call with no less than 3 clear working days (72 hours) notice, (working days do not include weekends, public or bank holidays). CBT courses cancelled or re-arranged with 3 days (minimum) notice will incur a £20 administration charge. Cancellations must be made during office hours, Monday-Friday (9 am - 5.30pm). Cancellations made after working hours are deemed to have been made the following day. Any rescheduled CBT must be completed within 3 calendar months or the fee will be lost and no refund issued. Students cancelling or re-arranging CBT courses within the 3 day notice period are liable for the full cost of the course. Surepass reserves the right to resell cancelled courses without compensation to the student.

Practical Motorcycle test (DVSA) cancellations and charges: Practical tests booked at Surepass must be cancelled with no less than 10 clear working days notice (working days do not include weekends, public or bank holidays). Students cancelling practical tests with 10 clear working days notice, (minimum), will incur a £20 administration charge. Cancellations must be made during office hours, Monday-Friday (9 am - 5.30pm). Cancellations made after working hours are deemed to have been made the following day. Students cancelling practical tests within the 10 clear working day notice period will be liable for the full test fee. If a further test is required by the student an additional test fee is applicable. Test fees are set by the DVSA - not Surepass.

Full Licence, Refresher and Advanced course cancellations and charges: Full licence courses (including Refresher and Advanced courses) booked at Surepass must be cancelled with no less than 10 clear working days notice (working days do not include weekends, public or bank holidays). A £20 administration fee will be charged (and the practical test fee if applicable) by students cancelling full licence training with 10 working days notice (minimum). Cancellations must be made either in person or by telephone call during office hours, Monday-Friday (9 am - 5.30pm). Cancellations made after working hours are deemed to have been made the following day. Students cancelling full licence courses (including refresher and Advanced) within the 10 clear working day cancellation period will be liable for the full cost of the course. Surepass reserves the right to resell cancelled courses without compensation to the student.

Free trial assessment cancellation and charges: The student can cancel the trial assessment at any time without incurring any charges.

Non-attendance, default cancellations and charges: Non-attendance by the student for a pre-booked, chargeable training course, will be deemed a cancellation if the required notice has not been received. The full course fee will become immediately payable and due less any deposit received. If payment is not received from the absent student on the day of the pre-booked course a letter will be sent to the student requesting payment. For this letter, an administration charge of £20 will be applied to the outstanding amount. Any subsequent letters to the student will be applied at £10 per letter. Further litigation is at the discretion of Surepass rider Training.

Cancellations due to Covid-19. If you experience Covid like symptoms take a rapid Lateral flow test, if this comes back positive (as per Government guidelines) then you must take a PCR test. This result will show the name of the person testing positive. On receipt of this information we will move your booking at no extra cost. Failure to provide proof of a positive test in accordance with NHS guidelines will be deemed as a non-attendance as per article 5 above.

17. Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers issued by Surepass are valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issue. Validity can be extended by arrangement at the time of issue. The gift vouchers must be presented with additional documents (see section 3), upon commencement of the course. Surepass gift vouchers have a monetary value of £0.0001 pence and cannot be exchanged or sold to a third party. No refunds for purchased gift vouchers will be given at any time. Surepass gift vouchers are non-transferable. The purchaser of the gift vouchers is responsible for ensuring the gift voucher recipient has all the necessary documentation (see section 3), required to complete a training course.

27. Price Match Guarantee

Surepass will match the price of "like-for-like" training courses offered within 25 miles of our training areas.

A price match can only be applied at the time of booking and cannot be applied retrospectively.

Surepass reserves the right to decline a price match whereby it would put the company at risk of making a loss.

Price matches are based on full course prices, excluding any promotions or discounts offered.

Proof will be required at the time of booking to support the price match claim. This must include:

  1. The name, address and contact details of the training school to be matched.
  2. The website address or price list detailing the course content and prices.
  3. The waiting period for the course to be matched must be equal to or less than the course availability at Surepass.

Gift vouchers, discount vouchers and other promotional material issued by Surepass cannot be redeemed towards a price matched course.

19. Valuables and Personal Property

Surepass cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to students’ personal property during training. Students are advised to keep valuables safe and secure at all times.

20. Privacy Policy

Surepass collects and stores personal data in accordance with GDPR guidelines. Your information is used to process bookings, communicate with you about your course, and for internal purposes. We do not share your personal information with third parties without your consent, except where required by law.

22. Final Remarks

Surepass reserves the right and at its discretion to refund the course fee in full instead of providing training and/or testing.

Surepass reserves the right to vary or change these terms and conditions without prior notice but a copy of current terms and conditions will be provided with a response to each booking arrangement being made.

Surepass reserves the right to vary or change all training course prices without prior notice.

Surepass reserves the right to determine riding standards in all respects as criteria for submitting students for testing. Such criteria to be in accordance with regulations and guidance as issued by the DVSA.

The Chief Instructors word is always final.

Should a student disagree with the final decision of the chief instructor, an appeal can be lodged in writing. This must be lodged within 5 working days of the final date of training. This can be lodged electronically. Surepass rider training reserves the right to pass the complaint and/or appeal to a third party for adjudication. This does not affect your statutory rights.

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